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These pages are created March 01, 2018
Pleas / ROI: That's what you can earn at Topstarclick! < / p> Investment Plans:

Dynamic Investment Plan



For an investment between $ 1 and $ 200 get daily 2.28% for 50 days, (is booked daily in Earnings Balance.)

Payout: Manual

Minimum deposit: $ 1

What is a freemember?
Is a member without membershiplevel (eg Levelship: Standard, Iron ...) and can view / click through banners and view web pages (surfing) for free! Of course he can also Investment plans and other plans to participate with minimum deposit

Payout: Manual

1.Steps Bild1

& nbsp;

By purchasing a Membership, it will be unlocked for other sources of income

In the backoffice, after activation, its membershiplevel appears, to the right of the server time.
These pages are being created or edited, the information is not current < / span> Earnings Review

Regular Plan

Earning Interval: Daily with Re-purchase / Compound Strategy: 40/60 (%)

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Regular Plan (Standard, Iron, ...)

(Membership Required) (can only be booked with Membership)

Being edited is disabled

Daily Profit: 90 x% $ (Earning Balance)

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Payout Total: (Price Per Position ($) + Total Profit)

Revenue Plan

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